Become an expert in performance optimization before your competition does

Most performers lose the mental game long before the audition or stage performance. Mind Training and mental skills training has been scientifically proven at top universities to optimize multiple areas of human performance. The NFL, NBA, US Olympic Team, and many world-class performers in music and theater are using these scientifically proven methods to optimize performance. This course will teach you these methods and how to apply them to your performance domain. This is innovative performance training, learn it and apply it before your competition does!

Course Overview:

  • 6-Week online course with weekly hour-long Skype instruction
  • Masters level instruction from an award winning instructor
  • Learn how to use mental skills training to get the competitive advantage in your performance domain
  • Learn innovative mental skills training that will optimize the performance of your clients and organization
  • Learn the cognitive science behind peak performance
  • Learn how to develop emotional intelligence in your clients and organization - the performance X-Factor
  • Learn how to tap into the neurochemicals of peak performance and leadership
  • Become proficient in delivering mental skills training to your clients and organizations
  • Learn how to integrate mental skills training into your practice and rehearsals

What Professionals are Saying About Mind Training

Paul McCartney (musician)

“In moments of madness, meditation has helped me find moments of serenity "

Miguel (RnB musician)

"A lot of people don’t understand that voice in your head that is  consistently going, or thinking. There is a way to take a break from  that, and just kind of be in the moment. That is what that whole  meditation is about. It’s just brilliant… It’s good to take a breath  from everything and just center yourself. That is the best way of describing it.”

Sheryl Crow (musician)

“One of the things – and this comes from someone who was highly self-critical and a type-A personality – that has changed my life is meditating. The simple act of making my brain shut off for 20 minutes in the  morning and 20 minutes at night may not seem like much, but what ends up  happening, besides creating space in your day, is your awake posture  begins to replicate your meditative posture.“

Quarterback Russell Wilson has been working with a mental conditioning consultant since 2012 to help him maintain heightened levels of awareness, focus, and leadership.

“The idea of mindfulness is really important — being mindful of situations, the surroundings you have, understanding what other people are thinking, understanding what other people do extremely well and what their weaknesses are — how do you heighten their strengths and how do you strengthen their weaknesses. I think that’s kind of the thought process, especially as a quarterback, that I always have to be conscious of, that I always have to be utilizing.”

All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas credits his defensive coverage and game awareness to the mental skills approach taken by the Seattle Seahawks.

“[Mindfulness] puts an emphasis on focus. I couldn’t focus for a long period of time until I got here. It took practice,” Thomas said. “You see everything for what it is — you notice it. When it comes to football, how the game moves, I can see everything now. My eyes can expand to see the whole picture.”

Phil Jackson brought mind training to both the World Champion Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers

Michael Jordon

"The crowd gets quiet, and the moment starts to become the moment for me . . . that’s part of that Zen Buddhism stuff. Once you get into the moment, you know when you are there. Things start to move slowly, you start to see the court very well. You start reading what the defense is trying to do"

Deena Kastor: Olympic Bronze Medalist and American Record Holding Marathon Runner

"With meditation, I can get in a calm state and perform with focus so I can compete optimally"

What You Get From This Course

  • Win more games (Priceless)
  • Develop the full performance potential of your clients (Priceless)
  • Become a better coach (Priceless)
  • Masters level six-week performance psychology instruction ($1,495.00)
  • Free Mindful Training course textbook ($49.95)
  • Mind Training script for immediate use with your clients ($199.00)
  • Mind Training Certification from the TierOne Performance Institute ($1,795.00)
  • Total benefit of the course $3,538.95

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here on First Day

    • What To Expect

    • Syllabus

  • 2

    Week 1: Introduction to Performance Optimization and Mind Training

    • Week 1 Overview

    • Lesson 1

    • Investigating the Optimal Psychological State for Peak Performance in Australian Elite Athletes

    • Mindful-Awareness Meditation Script (MAMS)

  • 3

    Week 2: Cognitive Aspects of Focused Attention Mind Training

    • Week 2 Overview

    • Lesson 2

    • How Changes in White Matter Might Underlie Improved Reaction Time Due to Practice

  • 4

    Week 3: Cognitive Aspects of Open Monitoring Mind Training

    • Week 3 Overview

    • Lesson 3

  • 5

    Week 4: The Importance of Emotion in Peak Performance and Mind Training

    • Week 4 Overview

    • Lesson 4

    • Using Mindfulness-­Based Strategies to Improve Attention and Self-­Regulation in the Music Classroom

  • 6

    Week 5: Mental Rehearsal/Visualization in Mind Training

    • Week 5 Overview

    • Lesson 5


    • The PETTLEP Approach to Motor Imagery A Functional Equivalence Model for Sport Psychologists

    • It's All in the Mind PETTLEP-Based Imagery and Sports Performance

    • How breathing changes the mind

  • 7

    Week 6: Implementing Mind Training in Your Profession

    • Week 6 Overview

    • Lesson 6

    • Performance Award Exercise

    • Performance Rating Form

    • Performance Values Form

About the instructor

Performance Psychologist

Dr. Dutch Franz

Dr. Dutch is a consulting performance psychologist, former award winning assistant college professor, research fellow at Think2Perform Research Institute, and Director of the TierOne Performance Institute. He has worked with college and high school coaches, elite college athletes, athletes transitioning to the NLF, and members of elite U.S. Special Operations units. Dutch is also a frequent speaker at Glazier Football and All-Sports clinics. Dutch played college football and applied mental skills training to his own development program. He is currently conducting foundational research exploring Stanford University's mindfulness-based training on emotional intelligence and performance. Find out more about the innovative Performance Consulting Services offered by TierOne at

What others have been saying about this course:

5 star rating

Certification helps with more than Mind Training alone.

Joe Ashfield

I highly enjoyed diving into the science of mindfulness and visualization training. The information in this course helped me to become a more proficient coa...

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I highly enjoyed diving into the science of mindfulness and visualization training. The information in this course helped me to become a more proficient coach not only because of the ability to implement mind training, but also because I better understand the intrinsic barriers to learning and performance my players encounter. I use what I have learned beyond our mind training sessions on the field and in meetings. As a bonus, I'm now able to evaluate myself as a coach in regards to focus and in-game performance. Using the training on myself, I have become a more attentive, calmer, and fulfilled mentor to my players.

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Become an expert in athletic performance optimization before your competition does

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