Welcome to the TierOne Performance Institute. The training modules found here are designed to enhance and reinforce the training conducted in person. Follow the workout plan provided and you will build the cognitive capacity and emotional regulation needed to elevate your performance.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Performance Mind Training Workout Module 1

    • Instructions

    • Introduction Guided 10 Min FA Performance Meditation

    • Boston Red Sox create new behavioral health department

  • 2

    Performance Mind Training Workout Module 2

    • Instructions

    • 15 Min FA Performance Meditation

    • Mindfulness Research and Flow in Sports Performance

  • 3

    Performance Mind Training Workout Module 3

    • Instructions

    • 20 Min FA Performance Meditation

    • Mindful Culture for Seahawks

  • 4

    TierOne Performance Library

    • Welcome

    • Stanford Men's Water Polo Mind Training Slides

    • Mindfulness and College Athletes - Stanford Study

    • Mindfulness Training and Cognitive Improvement

    • Mindfulness Training and Cognitive Control and Emotional Regulation

About the instructor

Performance Psychologist

Dr. Dutch Franz

Dr. Dutch is a consulting performance psychologist, former award winning assistant college professor, research fellow at Think2Perform Research Institute, and Director of the TierOne Performance Institute. He has worked with college and high school coaches, elite college athletes, athletes transitioning to the NLF, and members of elite U.S. Special Operations units. Dutch is also a frequent speaker at Glazier Football and All-Sports clinics. Dutch played college football and applied mental skills training to his own development program. He is currently conducting foundational research exploring Stanford University's mindfulness-based training on emotional intelligence and performance. Find out more about the innovative Performance Consulting Services offered by TierOne at tierone360.com

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