It does not matter how well you can diagram a play or recruit an athlete, if your coaching staff is dysfunctional, your athletes are derailing, and the administration is giving you grief.  Successful coaches and coaches at the elite level have a mastery of individual and organizational systems that drive success.  This course will help you identify the nature of the systems at work in your environment and then how to mobilize these systems to create performance multipliers for you, your coaching staff, and your athletes.

Whether you want to be the best coach you can be in your current job or coach at the next level, you need to know how to take advantage and optimize the systems that influence your coaching world.

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About the instructor

Performance Psychologist

Dr. Dutch Franz

Dr. Dutch is a consulting performance psychologist, former award winning assistant college professor, research fellow at Think2Perform Research Institute, and Director of the TierOne Performance Institute. He has worked with college and high school coaches, elite college athletes, athletes transitioning to the NLF, and members of elite U.S. Special Operations units. Dutch is also a frequent speaker at Glazier Football and All-Sports clinics. Dutch played college football and applied mental skills training to his own development program. He is currently conducting foundational research exploring Stanford University's mindfulness-based training on emotional intelligence and performance. Find out more about the innovative Performance Consulting Services offered by TierOne at

What others have been saying about this course:

If you are serious about coaching, you need to master the tools needed to be successful.  Your competition is getting smarter and stronger...are you?

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